Bedford Slims Review

Bedford Slims has grown rapidly in the E-Cig industry and is regarded as one of the best brands out there. There are many positives about the brand and few negatives. Bedford Slims is known to be an attractive brand which is why it appeals to so many people. In all honesty, nobody wants to be seen with a basic little E-Cig device with no vibe to it. Why pay for a basic looking device when you can get a hold of a much more prestigious one for just a little extra?

The company is based in Brooklyn, however it’s reputation has grown incredibly and people all over the globe are becoming more familiar with the brand. Bedford Slims primarily target the younger generation with the trendy package design and appealing logo. At first glance it seems as though this brand suits the stereotypical hipster as a replacement to the original tobacco cigarette.

However if you are new to the E-Cig world then you should probably consider investing your money into Bedford Slims as the starter kit is pretty impressive. This Bedford Slims review should help you determine whether or not the brand is correct for you and hopefully provide you with the information you need about the product. To start with you should know about the design and packaging.


To start with you will most likely be impressed with the clever and appealing design of the brand logo featuring a signature mustache. Obviously some will not share this opinion, however research has proven that the vast majority of people have been impressed with the design of the E-Cig. Bedford Slims has actually been labelled as the “sexiest E-Cig ever”. This on it’s own appeals to youngsters and basically gives them reason to make a purchase. Another interesting aspect of the design is the colorful battery. This feature of the design is a whole lot better than most E-Cig brands according to most e cigarette reviews and does improve the device as a whole. Nobody wants to buy the cheap, plain and dull alternatives when they can buy the more attractive looking E-Cig.

Starter Kit:

The great feature of Bedford Slims is the fact that there are various options to choose from if you desire a fantastic starter kit. For example the efficient Vapourette Starter Kit system can be purchased for around $39. This starter kit includes some vital items including a USB charger, a wall adapter, a battery and five cartridges. This kit is certainly worth looking into, however you could also opt for the Vapourette Start System which costs $49 but comes with two batteries instead of one. This is definitely good value and the kit is of high quality. The starter kits belonging to Bedford Slims are among the best in the industry, hence the high regard for them.


Bedford Slims certainly offer fantastic flavors which are guaranteed to appeal to the vast majority of tobacco smokers. In the kits you can expect flavors such as Birch Beer, Clove, Dark Roast and Tobacco. Most people have claimed that the Birch Beer is interesting as it has a similar taste to soda. However on the other hand, Clove has a very peppery tint to it which is semi-sweet. This may suit your personal preference over the other flavors. Obviously the tobacco flavor is similar to the traditional cigarette which is good as it helps people switch from real cigarettes to E-Cigs. However it is clearly recommended that people try the new and exotic flavors as it can really help them get over the regular cigarettes. It should also be noted that all liquid flavors produced by this brand are U.S based so consumers will not be buying any foreign-made chemicals and the brand can certainly be trusted

Vapor Quality:
This is the only downside to the company. Bedford Slims do create nice looking E-Cigs, however the quality of the vapor can be viewed by some as disappointing. Compared to other brands the Bedford Slims vapor barely produces any “throat hit”. If you are extremely critical when it comes to vapor quality then you may be repelled from this brand due to the vapor. The brand could easily leave you dissatisfied due to this as the vapor is not the best. Nonetheless it is nowhere near the worst brand for vapor quality. Just don’t expect a throat hitting vapor with an incredible taste as you are more than likely to feel let down.

Battery Life:

Not only are the batteries attractive, they are also pretty long lasting. You can expect your battery to last anywhere between 4 and 8 hours. Obviously this depends on how often you are smoking the device, but nevertheless this is a pretty incredible battery life compared to opposing brands. If you smoke it regularly then the battery will probably last around five hours. However with the right starter kit you will have two batteries allowing you to smoke as much as you want throughout the day. You should however be aware that the ‘hit’ from the device gets a lot weaker as the battery begins to run low.


To be fair and take everything into consideration it can be concluded that Bedford Slims is an impressive brand which will leave most customers happy with the product. Most smokers will be satisfied, however if you are looking for the ultimate E-Cig then this is not the best choice. However the cost is generous and the value is fantastic which makes Bedford Slims a great purchase. The vapor may be basic, however the starter kits available are excellent and certainly worth the money. Make sure you look further into this brand as it may be perfect for you. If you really want an attractive and nice looking device then this brand is perfect for you. Those who are looking for a powerful vapor should hunt elsewhere as you are not going to get a large ‘hit’ from Bedford Slims’. Moreover the brand is recommended and should be taken seriously. After all Bedford Slims has not been labelled as a sexy brand for nothing.

Are Inversion Tables Good For Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease and Inversion Tables

Do inversion tables help degenerative disc disease? Many have reported that it does help with the symptoms because of the inversion and elongating of the spinal column. What happens is the spine is basically stretched out from the gravity or traction of inversion, separating the Vertebral column, allowing proper blood flow.

This allows the disk to get the nutrients & fluids while reducing compression according to experts.

The history if inversion is quite impressive dating back to Egypt and is recorded in the hieroglyphics of that era. it is still used today, even in the U.S. Army where Army Rangers use inversion tables on a regular basis because they carry a lot of weight in their packs and equipment.

Prior to 1960′s, inversion therapy had fallen off until Dr. Robert Martin, a California osteopath, introduced the “Gravity Guidance System” which led to several test and trials on inversion therapy and the tables we know today.

So, to answer you question of do inversion tables help degenerative disc disease? Yes, thousands have used it for this dreaded and painful disease.

You can read some interesting information on my review of inversion therapy as a whole if you are interested in getting started in inversion therapy for help degenerative disc disease or other back related issues. It’s a pretty interesting with quotes from top experts and links to other sources on the topic.


Mold Is The Deadly Guest In Your Home

I recently ran across and article that had me investigating mold in homes and the damages it does outside of the real estate cost, namely what you could suffer from hidden mold in your home.

Some illnesses that are caused by black mold and other forms of mold include: allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, sinus infections, lung infections, lupus, dizziness, headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue syndrome, fertility problems, mold growth in the lungs and even cancer.

This is a nasty list of problems and some have even reported that some have died of complications due to mold in the home, but it’s rare. What’s not rare is the list above that can actually torment you and your family for years without you even knowing it’s there.

Everyone has seem pictures of mold in the home, but that is fairly easy to deal with because it shows itself so you can do something about it. What’s most dangerous is staying in a home that has mold that you can’t see.

If one or more of your family members develops some of the symptoms from the above list, you should immediately get your home tested for mold.

There are many companies like Water Damage Orlando that performs testing & other mold services, and you should find one with all of the certifications and licenses needed to make sure you have a reliable company checking and if needed, removing the mold.

Mold is a serious problem and puts your family and you home at risk, and they are too valuable to take unnecessary risk with them, so have your home tested for mold so you don’t regret no getting it tested.


My review of inversion therapy, what you need to know.

I have been asked repeatedly to write on inversion therapy benefits and find out if the practice is snake oil or if it is the real deal. Since I have never used it I figured I could give you a list of sources and let you decide for yourself.

My review is on the therapy as a whole, not the products, so here are the known facts.

Studies claim that they help reduce pain, they also state that you get instant relief when used. Medical professionals (Doctors) state that it does not heal anything, but just reduced the pain or eliminates it on a temporary basis. This is a pretty good deal if you are in pain, so that’s not a negative.

It also helps circulation, posture, strengthens your core and gives some great flexibility according to Teeter hangups.

Doctors use traction (Inversion is the gravity version of traction) daily in hospitals around the world and chiropractor use them on a daily basis with similar machines in their offices.

You can read quality reviews of inversion tables @Sunflower University Press.

If you are in pain, you need to take a serious look at inversion therapy.




Why Vaporizers Are Superior To Smoking

In recent times, many people have realized the harmful effects of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. As a result, people have started preferring vaporizers or vapor cigarettes over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some people quit tobacco cigarettes because of expensive prices, while others don’t want any health problems in future. Whatever your reasons, switching to an e cigarette will be your best choice.

Why Vaporizers are Superior to Smoking?

The science of vaporization has long been established. The Medical Marijuana Industry started and developed some of the best vaporizers in the world for herbal and MMJ, and now this science has spilled over to traditional tobacco smokers via the electronic cigarette. Some scientist say they could save the lives of millions of smokers and could bring down tobacco related deaths to under 400 a year according to one scientist.

From: Joel L. Nitzkin, MD, MPH, DPA, Chair AAPHP Tobacco Control Task Force, (AAPHP = American Association of Public Health Physicians)

“From our perspective, use of E-cigarettes should be encouraged as a substitute for conventional cigarettes for cigarette smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit, but are sincerely interested in reducing their risk of tobacco-related illness. E-cigarettes deliver the nicotine desired by inveterate smokers, with only the tiniest traces of carcinogens or other hazardous chemicals.  The nicotine used in these products contains the same trace contaminants and trace carcinogens found in the pharmaceutical nicotine-replacement products approved by FDA.”

Electronic cigarettes are less expensive and a smarter choice than tobacco cigarettes. In the last few years, many different companies have started producing e-cigarettes. The competition has significantly increased. As a result, you can easily buy superior quality electronic cigarettes at reasonable prices. Here are some reasons why people have started using vaporizers or electronic cigarettes.

Convenience – Electronic cigarettes are designed to imitate a conventional smoking experience. Moreover, electronic cigarettes give a similar throat hit as regular tobacco cigarettes. Since e-cigarettes are smoke free and produce just a vapor, you can smoke them anywhere you want. You can even smoke electronic cigarettes in public places. You can now find them anywhere, in almost every city and town.

Versatile – The vapor produced by e-cigarettes gives you the same kind of physical appearance, sensation and flavor as conventional tobacco cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or the cartomizers and e liquid are available in different flavors. You can choose from mint, chocolate, cocoa, strawberry, regular tobacco flavor and many more.

No Bad Odor or Ashes – The vapor produced by e-cigarettes is also odorless. Thus, no one around you will be annoyed by bad odor or ashes when you have a delightful vaping experience. In addition to all this, electronic cigarettes are also healthier than tobacco cigarettes.

To summarize, let’s just say that vaporizers are much smarter than tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, electronic cigarettes offer the same sensation as regular tobacco cigarettes. The best part is that electronic cigarettes are more economical than tobacco cigarettes. You can even choose a flavor as per your preference.